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Pinout Gegevens
Connector Pinout Details
This website is dedicated to the pursuit of the "couch potato" lifestyle. information contained here will enable you to operate household devices by remote control or computer whilst you enjoy the latest movies in your own home cinema. there are projects for the technically minded to construct their own home automation system.

Connector Pc / misc.
Menu of connectors here at the hardware book.

Pinout Connectors
Connector pinout and cable reference - 10base-t crossover, serial, parallel, usb, vga, audio, more!

Pinout Scart
Pinout and description for the scart connector.

RS232 I/O en IRQ's
Gedetaileerde uitleg over low-level programmeren van de rs232 seriŽle poort op pc's.

RS232 kabels
SeriŽle rs232 kabels en adapters. pinout en bedradingslayouts voor vele toepassingen. db9 naar db25 conversie en nulmodem schema's.

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